Event zone


Pinball is a great idea for a variety of events and a sentimental journey to youthful madness. Each machine has its own history, which we discover in our own way. We guarantee that by choosing to rent our flippers, you will create a unique opportunity for your guests to experience unforgettable adventures in a fantastic world in which the dynamics of the game are intertwined with expressive allusions to popular works of pop culture. Our impressive collection of machines contains more than 100 well-known titles. Among them you can find such as, for example, Indiana Jones, Twilight Zone, The Addams Family, Terminator 2 or the Flintstones. The suggestive play of light along with the sounds coming from the playfield make the flipper game like a journey into a completely different dimension. We are perfectly aware of the fact that a great value for your guests can be creating a unique and old school climate. To further heighten the nostalgic atmosphere of the event, we propose the rental of arcade video arcade games for two players, with classics such as the Mortal Kombat brawler from Midway and the legendary Metal Slug action from the Japanese SNK studio. Events using our flippers are a great opportunity for a lively intergenerational dialogue. It is during such events that mature enthusiasts want to meet, once again feel the crazy emotions of their youth with the youngest enthusiasts of pop culture. In addition to the fact that we care for the most mundane layer of such projects, which include, among others, machine operation and service, we give great freedom in the choice of the concept of the event. Exciting flipper contests, original photo sessions or maybe a short film? It all depends on your imagination!

For more information write to Pawel – pawel@pinstation.pl